2016 Green Gala Song Writing Contest

Brought to you by Puffin Foundation West

Do you want to use your musical talent to inspire greater protections for the environment? Submit an original song for the OEC’s First-Ever Song writing competition!

Check out last year’s original performance by local artists Eric Rollin and David Wong.

The rules for entry are simple. Send a sample audio clip to OEC@theOEC.org along with lyrics or an explanation of the story or meaning of the song. Please be sure to include the best method for contacting you.

Entries will be judged based on 1) Relevance of message 2) Quality of music.

Winners will receive a $1000 prize, two free tickets to the 2016 Green Gala on November 12, and a chance to perform in front of a 400-person crowd! Due to limitations of the performance venue, we will not be able to accommodate a full band.

Hurry, submissions are due by September 23.

Please direct questions to htyler@theoec.org.