Habitat & Wildlife Protection


Healthy habitat is critical to the success of many wildlife species in Ohio.

A habitat is a place (home) where one or more animals or plants lives. An ecosystem is a community of plants and/or animals that live, feed, reproduce, and interact in the same area of environment.

Ohio has many diverse habitats and ecosystems including lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, deciduous forests, and prairies. Within each of these ecosystems communities of different species thrive. Healthy habitats provide economic, health, cultural, and biological benefits.

In addition to these sweeping ecosystems, you can create a backyard habitat to protect plants and animals in your area. The National Wildlife Federation has a Certified Wildlife Habitat Program that applies to your backyard!  


Not long ago, 95% of Ohio was covered by dense forest. However, by the early 1900's only 10% of the state was forest cover. But with the efforts of non-profit orgainizations, state agencies, and private individuals, forest cover has increased to 30% by 1994. Read more about Ohio's forests.

Invasive Species

The Ohio Environmental Council is very concerned about the introduction, spread, and control of invasive, non-native plants and animals in Ohio's natural habitats. Read more about invasive plants and wildlife.