Clean Energy

Communities and Energy

Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College (photo:
The Ohio Environmental Council works with communities statewide to encourage the implementation of energy efficiency programs and concepts.


The OEC continues to build on previous years’ successes by fully deploying energy efficiency program concepts in Oberlin through work with the city council, city staff, local stakeholders, and Oberlin’s municipal utility.

In Oberlin, the OEC has finalized all the key portions of early project development through coalition development, creating a sophisticated program design, and building stakeholder input into the plan’s recommendations. The next step for the OEC is to execute the implementation plan for residential energy efficiency.


We’d also like to apply the lessons learned in developing the energy efficiency plan in Oberlin to the City of Cleveland, where we will partner with the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) to assist the city in developing an energy efficiency strategy. This strategy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly and build a platform upon which to drive further reductions.

Through an innovative efficiency program for the city of Cleveland, a large amount of the city’s building stock will be addressed and environmental and economic benefits will be created for its residents. This plan has the potential to be duplicated across the nation, ensuring these benefits for other communities across the U.S.