Bruce Stevenson, PhD

Dr. Bruce Stevenson

Vice President of Research Operations, Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

“ I have long had a strong interest in land and species preservation. I’m thrilled to work with the OEC in maintaining a green, vibrant planet for generations to come.”

Dr. Stevenson serves 130 principal researchers, 900 total employees, and a research budget of $110,000,000 in his role at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Reporting to the President of The Research Institute, Dr. Stevenson is part of the executive leadership team and plays a key role in the strategic planning efforts of the Institute and Hospital.

He is the former executive Director and CEO of Pacific Health Research Institute (PHRI), a nonprofit health research organization in Hawaii. Prior to joining PHRI, Dr. Stevenson was the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA. He earned his BA from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in cell biology from Harvard University. After completing postdoctoral training at Yale University, he was a professor at the University of Alberta in Canada and maintained a competitively-funded research program for 20+ years. There he was also an award-winning teacher and served as the founding assistant dean for student affairs in medicine and dentistry.