Critics say Ohio utility’s proposed fixed charge increase will slow efficiency, clean energy

“If you create a rate recovery structure for the utility that disincentivizes or disempowers the customer, then we don’t think that’s the right way to go,” said Trish Demeter at the Ohio Environmental Council...

“Customers are becoming much more central to the way that we’re delivering and using electricity,” Demeter said. “There’s just so many really cool things that are giving people much more power to be informed about their energy usage, to understand what things cost, and to really have a lot more transparency in how they are impacting the environment because of how they’re using electricity.”...

Maintaining or increasing incentives for energy efficiency and distributed energy also has “a direct environmental and public health benefit,” Demeter noted.

“That’s important in Ohio because we still have about 60 percent of our electricity coming from coal-fired power plants, which are just churning out unlimited amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and other air pollution that causes asthma and other health problems,” Demeter said. “If we have the tools in the tool box to reduce the reliance on those coal-fired power plants, then we should do it.

Date Published: 

Thursday, May 18, 2017