The OEC files suit over fracking in Wayne National Forest

“The Wayne is a public forest owned by every Ohioan and every American. The OEC is bringing this lawsuit because we want our children and grandchildren to know a Wayne that’s full of towering trees and thriving wildlife, not one that’s scarred by frack pads and pipelines,” said Nathan Johnson, Attorney and Public Lands Director for the Ohio Environmental Council. Johnson said he believes the law is on the OEC's side.

“The agencies are required to closely review the environmental consequences of their leasing decisions, and they didn’t do their required homework," he added. "They refused to even acknowledge that oil and gas pipelines will be a major disruptive presence in the forest. We’re looking at a textbook legal failure on their part.”


The Columbus Dispatch



The New York Times via AP 

Date Published: 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017