Ohio trains farmers to help Lake Erie -- but is it working?

Kristy Meyer of the Ohio Environmental Council wants the training to reach even more farmers, including those who use manure. Her organization is watching to see what happens after the September deadline.

“We'd really like to start to see Department of Agriculture going out doing random audits, seeing how we're doing with this training program,” explained Meyer.

Meyer says the training is just one part of the solution. “We need to come to the table and we need to pass some meaningful, but common sense standards to really solve this problem. It’s going to take common sense regulation.”...

Citing events like the 2014 Toledo water crisis and a similar situation in 2013 in Carroll Township, Meyer says Ohio should be leading the way.

“We have a real problem and we can’t turn a blind eye to it,” he said. “We need to lead the way, we need to show how this can be done.”

Date Published: 

Thursday, March 23, 2017