At their core, environmental issues are women's issues

President Trump’s recent announcement to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate agreement was a major disappointment to most Americans who believe that climate change is real and urgent. Fortunately, the Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati hosted a forum of environmental leaders with the Ohio Environmental Council on the same day as the president’s announcement.

Many who attended this event noted that the timing for the panel discussion couldn’t have been better, as it provided a sense of hope and optimism in a time of uncertainty for environmental protection. Environmental leaders Commissioner Denise Driehaus, Jacqui Patterson of the NAACP, Nachy Kanfer with Sierra Club and Dr. Adrian Parr of the University of Cincinnati spoke about a number of themes related to driving environmental progress at the state and local level.

One of the themes of discussion that struck a chord for me personally, as president of the Woman’s City Club of Cincinnati, is the premise that environmental issues are, at their core, women’s issues.

This is true in a multitude of ways. Let me speak to just a few.

Date Published: 

Friday, June 23, 2017