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New Ohio law requires mapping of lead pipes in water systems' service areas; stricter federal laws expected in 2017

October 12, 2016
"The bill is the most significant effort in the country to address lead contamination in our drinking water," said Melanie Houston, the Ohio Environmental Council's director of oil and gas. CLEVELAND...

Lawmakers race to change Ohio's renewable energy standards

October 6, 2016
“The trends in the (renewable) marketplace out there are not going to wait for us,” Trish Demeter with the Ohio Environmental Council said. “They’re not going to wait for Ohio to set the right policy...

Proposed legislation would further weaken Ohio clean energy standards

October 4, 2016
“The latest version of SB 320 is nothing more than an extension of the freeze for another three years,” said Trish Demeter of the Ohio Environmental Council. “Instead of outright freezing the...

Closing gap between talk, action with lake

August 5, 2016
The OEC's Executive Director, Heather Taylor-Miesle teamed up with ELPC's, Howard Lerner, and Joel Brameier from the Alliance for the Great Lakes on an op-ed that ran in the Toledo Blade.

Lead Contamination Poses Hazards Far Beyond Flint

January 29, 2016
Municipal officials did not return phone calls seeking comment Thursday. But Melanie Houston, director of water policy at the Ohio Environmental Council, said the problems in Sebring shows the need...

Toledo City Council considers resolution to declare Lake Erie 'impaired'

January 27, 2016
Declaring it impaired would bring a process that would identify all the sources contributing the algae-causing pollution, mainly phosphorus, into western Lake Erie," said Adam Rissien, agricultural...

Farmers step up to reduce fertilizer runoff and toxic algae in Lake Erie

January 21, 2016
More than 350 farmers from Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana have applied for funds from the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, according to Adam Rissien, director of agriculture and water policy...

Ratepayer advocates say ‘everyone is unhappy’ with Ohio electric market

January 21, 2016
“An open and fair process [for any review] is critical to ensuring Ohioans’ right to breathe clean air,” said Trish Demeter of the Ohio Environmental Council. “We should scrutinize their decisions to...

Ohio has few checks for natural-gas storage leaks

January 14, 2016
“That’s kind of the scary thing about it, and the thing that allows it to go under the radar, is that you can’t see this when it’s leaking,” said Melanie Houston, director of water policy and...

Critics say proposed state rules would allow companies to harm streams, wetlands

January 11, 2016
“Basically, that’s a rubber stamp, in my estimation,” said Nathan Johnson, a lawyer for the advocacy group Ohio Environmental Council. “There’s really little to no oversight.”