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New Rules May Affect Avon Lake Power Plant

December 22, 2011
“It’s long overdue, but they stood up against big polluters and special interests, and they did the right thing for public health,” said David Celebrezze, director of air and water special projects...

Parents Warned About Toxic Toys

December 12, 2011
The Ohio Environmental Council reported that many toys are made with lead and poisoned plastics, and the government is not doing enough to stop the practice.

Pollution Linked to 'Fracking'

December 9, 2011
“All of the rhetoric from the industry has been there’s no way that this can happen,” said Trent Dougherty, a lawyer for the advocacy group Ohio Environmental Council. “This shows that it has...

Testimony on Ohio's Energy Policy Encourages Investment in Renewables

November 30, 2011
Nolan Moser, representing the Ohio Environmental Council and other environmental stakeholders, reminded the joint committee members that in 2008, when Senate Bill 221 was enacted in an overwhelmingly...

Learn the Hard Lessons of Coal Pollution

November 28, 2011
Drilling for oil and gas is not new. Fracking is not necessarily new. What's new? The massive and unprecedented scale, that's what. To exploit the deep, natural gas-rich shale deposits, like the...

Ohio EPA Considers a Name Change

November 23, 2011
“The Ohio EPA will still be the Ohio EPA, no matter what we call it,” said Jack Shaner, spokesperson for the Ohio Environmental Council, an advocacy group. “It’s an issue of semantics, so call it...

Let's Add Up Fracking Pros, Cons

November 20, 2011
Please educate yourself. The dangers of fracking are well documented. Some excellent starting points: Buckeye Forest Council, www.buckeyeforestcouncil.org, 614-487-9290; NoFrackOhio, www.nofrackohio....

Groups Say Pro-Rail Vote in Cincinnati Essential for Keeping Young People, Jobs In

November 9, 2011
“Finally, there is a ray of light for passenger rail in Ohio – a ray of light rail, that is,” said Jack Shaner, Deputy Director of the Ohio Environmental Council. “Better mobility, cleaner air, new...

Summit County Snow Plows Going Green

October 3, 2011
Director of Air & Water Special Projects for the Ohio Environmental Council David Celebrezze tells AkronNewsNow.com how the Ohio Environmental Council is helping Summit County take steps towards...

New Bill Prompts Concerns About Future of Ohio's Wind Industry

September 22, 2011
On the other hand, according to Brian Kaiser, director of green jobs and innovation for the Ohio Environmental Council, the state’s manufacturing industry, which includes 106 companies engaged in the...