Executive Director


Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities

The Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities (MCWCC) and Groundwork Cincinnati (GWC) are working to realign their organizations to improve their impact by increasing collaboration and intend to merge if that is mutually feasible. The organizations have very similar missions but have focused on different Mill Creek environmental and community issues while serving geographically separate areas. They both serve as flexible resources to Mill Creek communities in planning and implementing projects that improve the watershed and quality of life in the Mill Creek. The organizations have created a task force to accomplish this and have decided to jointly recruit an Executive Director who will have cross organization responsibilities.

Position summary

The Executive Director (ED), as the chief executive officer of both organizations, supports the present missions of both organizations. Our missions may be further harmonized through collaborative efforts which are expected to create realignment between the organizations in the future.

The ED is responsible for all operational aspects to grow and sustain the two organizations. The Executive Director will: • Manage day-to-day operations • Maintain the long-term viability and sustainability of the organization(s) • Lead successful watershed protection and enhancement initiatives in an urban/suburban setting. • Work with the Boards of Directors on strategic planning and financial management • Build collaborative relationships with Mill Creek communities and others • Represent the organizations to the public • Lead and drive fundraising to secure resources to meet the organizations’ missions and goals

Reports to: the respective Boards of Directors through direct supervision initially by MC2 (Mill Creek Squared)

Supervises and has discretion to delegate to: MCWCC and GWC staff (currently seven persons) and volunteers.

Only electronic applications can be accepted. Send your application to: MillCreekApplications@gmail.com. Include your name and the word “Application” in the subject line. We will send an automated reply to you from this account.


Cincinnati, OH


Tuesday, May 9, 2017