Protecting Public Lands

Public Lands

The OEC’s public lands team works to ensure an Ohio that is full of trails to explore, towering trees, and inspiring natural landscapes.

We are the leading defender of Ohio’s public lands at the federal, state, and local levels. We litigate in court and advocate with decision-makers to keep fracking out of our publicly owned parks and forests. We champion the return of mature forest habitat on a landscape scale — something Ohioans haven’t seen or enjoyed for many generations.

We work to expand our public lands. Ohio ranks close to last among the 50 states in acres of public land available per person. The OEC helps public entities large and small acquire, conserve, and preserve more land.

We support healthy landscapes. Healthy public lands require healthy managing agencies. Our state and federal land management agencies need appropriate funding and tools to ensure our public spaces thrive. Unfortunately, agency budgets are often crunched, and our lands suffer as a result. The OEC advocates for increased agency funding for vital management tasks like non-native invasive species (NNIS) control, trail maintenance, and public service forestry.