We are witnessing an all-out assault on our public lands.

Unprecedented attacks are being fired at the local, state, and national level.

The Trump administration is attempting to gut protections for national parks, forest, monuments, and wildlife refuges.

Now, it seems many of Ohio’s state lawmakers and Congressional delegates are following suit. Amendments stuffed into Ohio budget bill attempt to open local and state parks and forests to oil and gas development

Additionally, some federal lawmakers are attempting to open the Arctic Refuge, what many consider our nation’s last true wilderness, to oil drilling. Learn more about the arctic refuge.

If places like the Arctic Refuge aren’t safe and protected, all of our public lands are in jeopardy.

How many summer afternoons have you spent in a our parks, cooking good food and making memories with family and friends? For many Ohioans, these parks represent the only opportunity for a blissful getaway into the great outdoors.

Photos of Ohio fracking operations and accidents by FracTracker Alliance.

Public lands are part of our national heritage, and Ohio has so few. Soon, destructive, noisy, and risky fracking operations could scar precious forestland, degrade water and air quality, and weaken Ohio communities.

Public outcry has been the strongest force halting the national agenda. People across the political spectrum are coming together in defense of public lands. We are calling for the same united effort in Ohio. Will you join us?

Message your Ohio legislators and tell them to eliminate sneaky fracking amendment from the Biennial Budget Bill.
Tell Senators Brown and Portman to vote NO to opening the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling.
Help fund our lawsuit to save 40,000 acres of Wayne National Forest, Ohio’s only national forest, from being auctioned off for fracking.