Clean Energy Fight Returns to Statehouse

Ohio Environmental Council, September 5, 2013


The Ohio Senate just announced that it will hold off for the rest of 2013 on a bill to weaken Ohio’s clean energy and energy efficiency laws. Thank you to everyone who called, wrote, and emailed your lawmakers!

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State Senator Bill Seitz, Chairman of the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee, recently introduced Senate Bill 58, which is a threat to both the renewable portfolio standard and energy efficiency standard that were enacted in 2008.

The bill (along with corresponding legislation, HB 302 in the Ohio House) is the culmination of a “review” process that initiated following an attempt by utility giant FirstEnergy to freeze the energy efficiency portions of Ohio’s Clean Energy Standard last fall.


  • Talk to Your Neighbors – The OEC is holding trainings and canvasses in nearly every corner of the state in the next few weeks and we need your help! Contact Katy Shanahan at for details about canvassing in your neighborhood.
  • Host a House Party – Host a party to discuss SB 58 with your friends and neighbors. Everyone can sign handwritten letters to the Governor and their State Senators and Representatives, urging them to stand up for Ohio’s clean energy future! You provide the house and the OEC will provide everything else. Contact Katy Shanahan at for details.
  • Statehouse Hearings – Follow the schedule of Senate and House of Rep hearings on SB 58 and HB 302 and attend one if you can!
  • Send an Email to Lawmakers – Send emails to Governor Kasich and your State Senators and Representatives telling them to protect Ohio’s clean energy future.
  • Send a Letter to the Editor – Use these talking points to write an effective letter to your local newspaper. Have questions on how to write a letter to the editor? Check out our how to guide!


While the impetus of the legislation was an attack on energy efficiency, SB 58 goes much further, seeking extensive changes to state law that could have a substantial impact on Ohio’s environment, economy and our electricity bills.

The OEC – along with dozens of groups representing Ohio businesses, large manufacturers, and consumers – have questioned the need for the legislation and expressed serious concerns about its implications.

Chief among those concerns are provisions that would limit the amount of money customers could save through energy efficiency programs offered by utilities and a controversial modification that would outsource Ohio clean energy jobs to Canada by eliminating the requirement that at least half of the renewable energy projects developed under the clean energy standard be built within the state.


The OEC  and others have submitted testimony to the Senate Public Utilities Committee addressing these problematic pieces of the legislation as well as the framework that the bill’s sponsors have used to justify this legislation.


Joining the chorus of opposition to SB 58 is a growing list of Ohio newspaper editorial boards and elected officials.

Be sure to check this page frequently for the latest news and info on this legislation and how you can get involved in the fight to keep clean energy working in Ohio.

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