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Comments: Changes to the Ohio Environmental Education Fund

Ohio Environmental Council, March 28, 2013

We appreciate this opportunity to comment on the Ohio EPA Office of Environmental Education Fund (OEEF) funding priorities and annual agenda. Historically the OEEF has been a driving force in environmental education. It is clear that its mission of enhancing Ohio citizens’ awareness and understanding of environmental issues is a critical one.

It is our understanding that there are significant changes to the OEEF program priorities and annual agenda.

We have concern that these changes may be to the determent of Ohio’s citizens and environment. Below are our understanding of the proposed changes and our comments.

3 Grants & You’re Out

What metrics and/or formula did the Agency use to determine this number of three? Is it based in the scientific method?

Our fear is that this apparent arbitrary number prioritizes quantity over quality. Grants should be based on the quality of the application and the track-record of the organization applying. They should not be punished for receiving grants in the past.

We encourage the Agency to use qualitative measures and not quantitative measures when determining who can apply and who can’t.

Some criteria should be:effectiveness to implement a proposal; number and quality of partners, past grants achievements, etc.  

That should be the question, not whether they have gotten three grants from OEEF in the last 20 years.

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