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Testimony: Great Lakes Compact Implementation

Ohio Environmental Council, April 24, 2012

Chairman Hall, Vice-Chairman Thompson, Ranking Minority Member Fedor and Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to offer opponent testimony on House Bill 473 (As Amended), which seeks to implement the Great Lakes Compact in Ohio.

We appreciate this additional opportunity to talk with Members of this Committee and the General Assembly to craft a Compact that is compliant and ensures a fair and reasonable approach to implementing the Great Lakes Compact for all water users.

My name is Kristy Meyer and I am the Director of Agricultural & Clean Water Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council.

I have been working on the Great Lakes Compact development and implementation more than 7 years, part of which I served on the Great Lakes Compact Advisory Board, which was created with the General Assembly’s ratification of the Great Lakes Compact in Ohio in the 127th General Assembly (House Bill 416).

As you probably are aware, that advisory committee could not reach consensus recommendations to guide the balanced use of water by industry and people and wildlife. The advisory committee’s report reflected discussions, not agreements. This impass between the business community and the environmental-conservation community continues to today

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