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Testimony: Ohio Senate Bill 315

Ohio Environmental Council, April 24, 2012

This legistation touches on many aspects of energy generation, energy efficiency, and utilization of Ohio’s natural resources. This testimony is limited to five key issues areas dealing with the oil and gas and water related rpovisions.

Horizontal Shale Drilling

The Ohio Environmental Council has been an active and objective stakeholder in oil and gas drilling law and policy in Ohio for many years. Most recently, the OEC was a party in the debate and discussions over SB 165 in the 128th General Assembly, which was that state’s biggest overhaul of its oil and gas drilling laws in over 40 years.

Thus, we fully recognize that drilling is not new to Ohio. That fracking is not necessarily new. However, it is clear that there is a new form of drilling sweeping its way acros this state, this region, and a number of regions across ohio.

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