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We said they couldn’t have our state parks, now they’re back for our local parks

Ohio Environmental Council, July 9, 2015

Although our state parks are off the chopping block, the oil and gas industry now has its sights set on local parks. Fracking lobbyists are pushing for what may be the most brazen attempt yet to force fracking on public lands down our throats.

Under their scheme, local park departments would be stripped of the right to decide on their own whether to allow drilling.

Instead, local parks would be forcibly swept up into leasing agreements with nearby lands, whether the community likes it or not. We can’t let this happen. And through your support, we won’t let this happen.

We’ve raised over $9,400 and are only $600 away from our fundraising goal for this work! Your gift today could be what puts us over the top.


For the next 48 hours only, you can double your gift to help secure greater fracking protections for Ohio families and communities and keep our local park lands safe.

And our work doesn’t stop there. In the coming months we are agressively working to:

  • Push for safer distances between fracking wells and our homes. Currently a fracking well can operate as close to a stream as the distance between home plate and the pitchers mound.
  • Require fracking companies to notify the necessary authorities about all fracking chemicals stored on-site or in-use before an accident or spill occurs. This would make sure fire departments, first responders, Ohio EPA, and drinking water authorities know what they’re up against.

Please invest in this work. Given our recent victory to keep the industry’s greedy hands off of our state parks, they are scared of what we can do together. Let’s prove they have something to be scared about!