Partner Up Support Grant

The Ohio Environmental Council works to remedy injustice – whether community, democratic, or environmental – caused by oppressive practices harming Ohioans. The OEC seeks to meaningfully involve community stakeholders in developing, crafting, and creating sustainable, cooperative policies and practices. As part of our commitment to remedying environmental injustice, the OEC is offering the Partner Up Support Grant in Cuyahoga County.

Given the current realities of the coronavirus pandemic, we are providing these funds on an accelerated basis to specific organizations, with whom we’ve worked with or recognize as a civic leader. These organizations work with communities and individuals that have been marginalized and often excluded from Ohio’s environmental movement. To do this, the funds will be distributed to support grant partners working to elevate community, democratic, and environmental justice issues. The OEC invites organizations and community groups to submit a proposal.


Applications must be received by the 11:59PM on Sunday, May 17th to be considered. 

Grants of up to $2,000 are available.

Grant decisions will be made on a rolling basis and are dependent on funds availability. A recipient can only get one grant through June 30, 2020. 

All applicants must be working to organize and engage communities that are marginalized or have been historically excluded from the environmental movement.  Projects/proposals should be related to elevating Ohio’s marginalized and underconnected voices on environmental issues. 

Grant funds may be used for programming, projects, or administrative costs to allow organizations to continue their environmental programmatic efforts. Proposals should outline the project or organizational needs and what role the funding can do to assist during the Covid-19 crisis.  


Please limit responses to a total of two pages. Please submit your proposals to

  • Name of organization; contact information (address, phone, email); 501(c)(3) tax ID.
  • What environmental issue(s) is your community or organization working to elevate during the coronavirus pandemic? What specific project will this funding support?
  • Please identify a few other groups with which your organization has collaborated with in the past. Are there other organizations in your community we should be reaching out to for an invitation to apply? 
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about your work?
  • Please briefly describe the anticipated expense this funding will support.


The OEC recognizes that there are many organizations and community groups whose missions differ from OEC’s, but whose work is anchored in environmental justice issues. The OEC will consider submissions by any entity whose proposal is dedicated to remedying environmental injustices, permitting creativity and encouraging collaboration, and ensuring the funds are used to bring underconnected organizations to the table.

If interested, please contact for more information or to submit your proposal.