Take A Hike Campaign

Ohio Environmental Council, September 5, 2017


Two last-minute amendments to the Ohio budget bill make it is easy to fast-track the lease of our state public lands to the oil and gas industry. Some members of the Ohio House thought they could sneak these shoddy amendments past Ohioans. Help us prove them wrong by taking action now!

Pledge today to participate in the #TakeAHike campaign. The campaign goes now until the end of June. We will forward you important updates and sample social media. Here are some easy ways you can help save Ohio’s parks:

  1. Take the pledge to receive the latest #TakeAHike campaign updates.
  2. Read our blog and spread the message.
  3. Send a message asking your elected officials to strike language from the Biennial Operating Budget that would fast-track oil and gas development.
  4. Tag your elected officials and let them know you oppose oil and gas drilling in our state parks. Remember to include the hashtag #TakeAHike.
  5. Plan a hike at your local state park. Invite your family and friends, take photos and video along the way, and post using the hashtag #TakeAHike.
  6. Invite others to take action by sharing this helpful document with them.