Join Us in Strengthening our Democracy and our Environment!

Ohio has a long, proud history as a national symbol of a thriving democracy. Our viewpoints and our ecosystems are diverse, and we have a responsibility to protect both. By improving Ohio’s democracy, we are better equipped to improve our environment. 

That’s why we are proud to support Ohioans for Secure and Fair Elections’ campaign to place a voting rights constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2020. We hope you’ll join us.

Join our Democracy Volunteer Team Now!

The proposed voting rights amendment will improve election security by ensuring our voter registration rolls are constantly up-to-date. It will implement election day registration, ensuring eligible voters can register to vote on the same day they cast their ballot, matching the voter registration process of 21 states and the District of Columbia.

Ohioans overwhelmingly want clean air, healthy public lands, safe drinking water, and bold action on climate change. Our legislature should reflect the will of the people. By improving the integrity, security, and accessibility of our election system, we can build the democracy we deserve.