Join Us in Strengthening our Democracy and our Environment!

Our commitment to democracy brings us together as Americans. Our commitment to Ohio’s environment brings us together in our movement. Protecting our environment depends on protecting our democracy—especially in times of crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to show us blind spots in our electoral process. Ohioans are ready for effective and common-sense strategies to improve our democracy, especially in the face of the ongoing health crisis.

And as environmental advocates, we know fixing our democracy now means we’ll be prepared to protect our environment and fight the impacts of climate change.

That’s why we’re contacting you: will you join the movement to protect Ohio’s democracy and call for a safe and inclusive election system? There are many common sense options we can put in place now to improve the integrity, security, and accessibility of our election system in advance of November’s general election and beyond.

Ohioans deserve the following reforms:

  • Allow multiple in-person early voting centers per county so in-person voting can occur safely within the guidelines of physical distancing.
  • Fund Ohio’s 88 county Boards of Elections sufficiently to enable the education around and physical capacity for a vote-by-mail election.
  • Legally require county Boards of Elections to create yearly Election Administration Plans, including details on emergency planning, public communications, voter education, allocation of resources such as poll workers and election machines, and public health protections.
  • Ensure accessibility of Ohio’s vote-by-mail system by allowing voters to request a vote-by-mail absentee ballot online, without needing to print and mail in an application. Additionally, allow voters to designate trusted individuals, in addition to immediate family members, to transport their absentee ballots. Allow voters to drop off absentee ballots at any polling location in their county on Election Day.

We not only need these reforms to guarantee Ohio’s electoral process runs smoothly during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, but we must also prepare for future unexpected emergencies by creating a bipartisan Emergency Elections Task Force.

Sign the Petition in Support of Election Reforms TODAY!

Ohioans overwhelmingly want clean air, healthy public lands, safe drinking water, and bold action on climate change. Our legislature should reflect the will of the people. By improving the integrity, security, and accessibility of our election system, we can build the democracy we deserve.

Ohio has a long, proud history as a national symbol of a thriving democracy. Our viewpoints and our ecosystems are diverse, and we have a responsibility to protect both. By improving Ohio’s democracy, we are better equipped to improve our environment. 

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