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Executive Director – Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub

The Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub is on a mission to expand sustainability in our community and beyond! We’re not just about preventing waste – we’re sparking a revolution in how we perceive consumption and its impact on our planet.

Our vision extends far beyond our current operations. Picture a future where businesses, schools, and organizations all come together to bolster recycling and reuse efforts across the region. With educational programs and community engagement at the forefront, we’re cultivating a culture of sustainability from the ground up. We’ve created a one-stop drop-off site, accepting items and materials that traditional recycling bins won’t touch.

Ready to tackle environmental challenges head-on? Want to join an innovative and rapidly growing organization that’s pioneering sustainability solutions in our region? Do you have the vision and drive to elevate the organization to new heights with your professional outlook and initiative? Read more below, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to join as the Executive Director!


  • Oversee all aspects of the organization, providing strategic direction and reporting directly to the Board of Directors.
  • Drive financial resilience through effective management of resources and cultivation of donor relationships.
  • Engage with key stakeholders and corporate partners to promote corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Ensure that the organization is tracking and reporting on required performance metrics to meet grant expectations.
  • Implement stewardship strategies to maintain strong relationships with donors and foster continued support.
  • Serve as the face of the organization, actively engaging with the community and representing the organization in the public sphere.
  • Articulate and define organizational goals to garner support and portray the organization in a positive light.


  • You have a history of driving change in the non-profit sector and leaving a lasting impact.
  • Environmental responsibility, sustainability, and waste consciousness is somewhere in your background.
  • You’re used to herding cats – working with executives and Board members to execute on strategy.
  • You’re not just a forward-thinker, you’re a visionary who can map out the path for the next 5, 10, even 15 years, while simultaneously identifying and addressing the needs of today and tomorrow.
  • You excel in collaboration, eagerly welcome feedback, and swiftly translate it into action.
  • Bring your methodical approach to the table, but with a growth mindset that constantly seeks new opportunities and ways to expand.
    Inspire your team to wake up eager and motivated, ready to bring their absolute best to work every day – all because they’re driven by your leadership!

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