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Outreach Coordinator – Black Environmental Leaders Action Fund

Representing the environmental interests of Black Ohioans to influence and change systems by identifying and engaging a diverse coalition of voters, advocates, and decision-makers through education and political engagement.

Job Responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Engage in environmental justice advocacy
  • Provide administrative support
  • Assist in program development
  • Conduct preliminary research

Professional Experience & Qualifications

  • Able to apply discernment to prioritize tasks and deliverables to maintain projects and program needs
  • Environmental justice subject-matter expertise through educational or lived experience
  • Committed to deepening an environmental justice approach in policy priorities, program development, and partner engagement
  • Motivated by values of equity and responsibility to those most marginalized 
  • Dedicated to deepening understanding of cultural and systemic racism and the intersectionality of multiple forms of social inequality 
  • Demonstrates awareness of positional power and privilege (both personally and professionally) and its attendant impacts
  • Consistently brings a high level of empathy and social skills to work and interpersonal interactions
  • Acknowledges when mistakes are made and harm is done; works to repair breaches in relationships 
  • Openly holds space, and invites others into conversations during sensitive engagements, exhibiting a responsible and respectful demeanor with colleagues and partners
  • Strong communication skills and welcoming of constructive feedback
  • Demonstrates awareness of the attributes associated with a white dominant culture and takes actions to dismantle hierarchies of oppression within that culture

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