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PARTNER POSTING | Cleveland Local Partnership Manager

Cleveland Local Partnership Manager, Alliance for the Great Lakes 


The Cleveland Local Partnerships Manager (Manager) executes the Alliance’s water advocacy work in Cleveland. The Manager’s primary goal is to strengthen and sustain the power of community partners to achieve safe, clean and accessible Lake Erie water. They will do this with a strong focus on addressing systemic water issues reinforced by racial and economic inequities and exacerbated by climate change. The Manager will deploy locally relevant tactics to elevate local leaders’ expertise in municipal and state policy decisions. The Manager will develop and strengthen partnerships and networks through collaborative, locally-led decision-making grounded in lived experiences and quantitative data. The Manager will support partners in implementation of water infrastructure policies, projects and programs, with a focus on water infrastructure funding, financing, and affordability, and accountability for elected officials and city staff for equitable governance. Execution of shared advocacy strategies will include deployment of Alliance resources to local partners and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders including environmental justice advocates, networks of non-profits, city and county staff, and elected officials. The Manager primarily serves as a convener, facilitator, organizer, and relationship builder, with an emphasis on advancing municipal and state water policy issues prioritized by community partners.

The Manager reports to the Director of Planning to develop and implement the Alliance’s community advocacy strategy. They work closely with the Director of Policy and Equity and the Vice President of Policy and Strategic Engagement, along with a team of water planning, advocacy, and communication leaders at the Alliance to shape state, regional and federal policy and practices that help protect the Great Lakes.

A typical week begins with a quick check-in with the Director of Planning and the Director of Clean Water Policy and Equity to discuss and coordinate tasks. You start drafting a grant report, but then a partner texts to let you know they heard that the meeting with Commissioner John Doe has been scheduled for tomorrow. You set the grant report aside, and start texting, emailing, and calling partners who need to be at this meeting, making sure they have the fact sheets that you worked with them and the Alliance’s communication team to develop. You attend the meeting, take notes, and help facilitate. After the meeting you schedule a debrief meeting with partners to discuss what was learned and the next steps. In the debrief meeting partners decide next steps are to develop materials designed to educate residents about their water bills, meet with relevant agency and legislative staff to better understand the challenges and barriers they have in trying to implement a comprehensive water affordability program, and identify existing water affordability case studies from other cities. You begin to draft an action plan and develop budgets to ensure external partners and Alliance colleagues are on the same page. You set up a Google folder to share all docs with external partners, and flag for the Director of Planning that you’ll need her feedback, edits, and approval by the end of the month. You check your Outlook calendar and are reminded that your grant report is due. You finish your report and email it to the Foundation & Corporate Giving Manager. It has been a hectic week, so you take time for yourself to relax and recharge.

The Alliance for the Great Lakes sets a protection agenda for the Great Lakes, a resource of global significance and the world’s largest source of surface freshwater. The Alliance seeks to protect the Great Lakes from their greatest threats, build a resilient future for communities and instill the value of clean water throughout the region. Learn more at


Community Advocacy Capacity

  • Support coalitions of environmental justice leaders and environmental non-profits to advance shared policy priorities in Cleveland by providing tools and resources such as, event and meeting coordination, work planning, facilitation, navigating technical and policy decision-making, data and policy analysis, and fundraising.
  • Co-create and coordinate events, workshops, and training to strengthen advocacy networks, build broad-based support, and elevate local leaders.
  • Develop scopes of work, work plans, logistics and budgets for all partners and consultants. Maintain regular communication with partners and consultants on progress, deadlines, barriers, anticipated outcomes, etc.
  • Build support for the implementation of water priorities identified in the Cleveland Comprehensive Policy Platform and Residential Education Toolkit through local coalitions and partnerships.
  • Serves as a local authority and resource on water infrastructure policies, projects and programs, with a focus on water infrastructure funding, financing, and affordability, and accountability for elected officials and city staff for equitable governance.

Policy and Decision-Making Process

  • Navigate the technical and political decision-making process for water infrastructure policies in Cleveland.
  • Make public presentations to a wide array of audiences to advance Alliance policy and community engagement priorities.
  • Internal and external thought leader that helps set the organization’s policy positions, actions and strategic relationship building.

Data-Informed Campaigns

  • Based on feedback from local partners, identify data gaps and utilize internal and external resources to gather information needed with a focus on data that elevates lived experiences (e.g., focus groups, interviews, surveys).
  • Co-develop a campaign strategy that identifies communication tools (e.g., fact sheets, media, videos, slide decks) needed to reach target audiences.

Program Development

  • Assist with the development of grant proposals for new work that facilitates program growth and supports strategic partnerships.
  • Track and report on grant deliverables, project budgets and expenses.
  • Inform the Alliance’s strategic direction in Chicago/Illinois, Detroit/Michigan, and Cleveland/Ohio in coordination with Local Partnerships staff across the region.


  • Strong existing relationships in Cleveland.
  • Plan and execute virtual and in-person meetings, workshops, training, or events to build support for policies, elevate the expertise of local leaders, and advance collective action.
  • Research, write and verbally communicate wonky policy information in easy-to-understand language that provides everyone from elected officials to community leaders with actions they can take.
  • Work independently to support community leaders and advocates, especially in communities of color or communities impacted by failing water infrastructure and racial and health inequities.
  • Facilitate collaborative processes that allow a range of stakeholders, especially those with lived experiences, to meaningfully participate in the co-creation of advocacy strategy and materials.
  • Familiarity with policies and programs related to water affordability, water shut offs, lead service line replacement, green stormwater infrastructure, non-point source pollution, equitable land use, and equitable development.
  • Provide content needed for communication materials (e.g., videos, factsheets, events) that allow complex information to be easily understood and shared.
  • Creative thinker with the ability to quickly translate ideas into on-the-ground actions, test for success and shift tactics as needed.
  • Fundamental commitment to socioeconomic and racial equity in water services and demonstrated skills in identifying policy options that advance equity.
  • Ability to create short-term wins that also build lasting and unifying long-term power.
  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant 5-7 years of experience in advocacy, urban planning, public health, economic development, political science, or related field.
  • Project management experience is a plus.
  • Spanish-speaking fluency is a plus.
  • Valid driver’s license required.

Job Parameters

  • This position is full-time and consistent with Alliance employment policy.
  • The salary range is between $62,000-$75,000, commensurate with experience.
  • Excellent benefits, including health and vacation are included.
  • Eligibility to enroll in a retirement plan after 1 year of employment.
  • This positionis based in the greater Cleveland metro-region. Applicants must be able to work remotely from home. Applicants should expect acombination of sitting at a desk and computer workstation, off-site meetings with partners, city staff and elected officials, and hosting meetings and events in communities. Regular local car travel of less than 40 miles round trip may be required.
  • Opportunity for professional development such as conferences, webinars, association membership, etc.

Salary Range


Application Process

Please e-mail a cover letter, resume, references and writing sample to:

Include job title in the subject line.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled – we are looking to fill immediately. Materials should be compatible with Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. Applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of their materials and further guidance and updates about the hiring process by e-mail, with interviews provided for finalists. No phone inquiries please.

About the Alliance for the Great Lakes

The Alliance for the Great Lakes is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The search process will reinforce the Alliance’s belief that achieving diversity requires an enduring commitment to inclusion that must find full expression in our organizational culture, values, norms, and behaviors.

AGL Operating Principles and Core Values Statement

Our vision is a thriving Great Lakes and healthy water that all life can rely on, today and far into the future. We aspire to be a voice for the lakes, and to support the voices of the communities that depend on the lakes and their waters.

The mission of the Alliance for the Great Lakes is to protect, conserve and restore the Great Lakes ensuring healthy water in the lakes and in our communities for all generations of people and wildlife. We advance our mission as advocates for policies that support the lakes and communities, by building the research, analysis and partnerships that motivate action, and by educating and uniting people as a voice for the Great Lakes.

For more information about the Alliance’s programs and work, please visit us online at

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