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Green Paper: Capital Improvements Budget

Ohio Environmental Council, April 18, 2014

Amended House Bill 497 (As Passed by the Ohio House)

OEC’s Summary:

Amended House Bill 497 (As Passed by the House) authorizes the following capital project funding:

  • $100M for the Clean Ohio Fund: $75M for conservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors; $12.5M for farmland preservation; and $12.5M for construction of multi-purpose recreational trails.
  • $236.4M for the ODNR for renovation and maintenance of state and local park facilities.
  • $10M for the Healthy Lake Erie Initiative to divert the disposal of contaminated sediments  dredged from navigational harbors to the open-waters of Lake Erie.

OEC’s Perspective: 3 Frogs!

A TRIFECTA for natural resource conservation. That fairly sums up this Capital Budget Bill.

WIN – A maxed-out renewal of  bonding for the Clean Ohio Fund will build on Clean Ohio’s proven 3:1 return on investment which has leveraged additional investments to create a total economic impact of $2.6B in public and private investments for Mother Nature and economic revitalization.

PLACE – A long-overdue investment in Ohio’s state and local park facilities to address an enormous backlog of well documented, needed improvements to campgrounds, cabins, lodges and other recreational facilities.

SHOW – Bulked up continuation of an emerging fund that aims to find innovative alternatives to keep harbors clean and contaminated sediments out of the open waters of Lake Erie.


The OEC wholeheartedly supports the environmental conservation funding in the Capital Bill and eagerly recommends its approval.


HB 497 Capital Budget Bill