Jack Shaner Legislative Victory Fund

If you’ve had the privilege to meet Jack Shaner, you know he greets other people’s victories with a big smile, a fist pump and a resounding “huzzah!” Jack celebrates with others because he listens to others.

This spirit of listening was instrumental in his work at the Ohio Environmental Council. During two-decades of service, Jack was able secure victory after victory by crossing the aisle and hearing all sides of an issue.

Since 1997, Jack was instrumental in helping establish some of Ohio’s most essential environmental policies and safeguards, including:

  • Stopping the elimination of new state wilderness area designations (1998)
  • Passing the Clean Ohio Fund (2000)
  • Stopping a moratorium on purchasing new land for Wayne National Forest (2001)
  • Passing Clean Energy Standards (2008)
  • Prohibiting oil and gas drilling in state nature preserves (2011)
  • Winning Ohioans the right to walk the Lake Erie shore (2014)

Among his proudest moments, Jack includes:

  • Holding his first press conference about coal powered smokestacks on December 1, 1997
  • Submitting thousands of petitions to the governor’s office that called for increased enforcement of clean air standards (2001)
  • Being invited to serve on ODOT transportation advisory panels by two successive administrations (2008, 2014)
  • Introducing the “frogs and barrels” rating system.
  • Testifying about shoreline issues to the House environment committee and answering the question “Do you own property?” with “Yes, I own a 1995 Ford Crown Vic – it’s got only 200,000 miles on it.”

We are honored to preserve his legacy and carry forward the great work he’s accomplished for Ohio’s environment.

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