Setting Up a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser on Facebook

You can set-up a fundraising page to share with your friends on Facebook. It can be created quickly and is an easy way for you and your friends to donate. To create your fundraising page today, follow these steps:

1) On The OEC’s Facebook page click the “Fundraisers” button in the left-hand sidebar.

2) You will be redirected to a page. Near the right side, find and select this button:

3) Once selected, the following window will pop-up. Click “Get Started.”

4) Next, fill out the basics. Enter the amount you want to raise and change the deadline.

5) Next, title your fundraiser. you can keep it “Name’s fundraiser for The Ohio Environmental Council” or change it to something more personal to grab the attention of your friends and family.

6) Pick a Cover Photo! You can use the photo we provide or choose something more personal to you such as a photo of you and your family hiking at your favorite park.

7) Your fundraising page is complete! Next, invite your friends and family to your donation page.

8) To share your page on your timeline or in a private message, select “Share Fundraiser”. You can use this to highlight the things that make the OEC a great organization or your own reasons for raising donations. 

9) To donate, you and your friends can simply click the “Donate” button on the fundraiser page and input their Credit/Debit information or sign-in and pay through a PayPal account.

Thank you for supporting the OEC by creating a fundraising page!