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Interested Party Testimony of Trent Dougherty on the Governor’s Operating Budget

Ohio Environmental Council, March 16, 2015

Chairman Thompson, Ranking Member O’Brien, and Members of the Ohio House Subcommittee on Agriculture, Development, and Natural Resources, thank you for this opportunity to present Interested Party testimony on the Governor’s Operating Budget, House Bill 64 (As Introduced).

My name is Trent Dougherty, Legal Affairs Director of the Ohio Environmental Council. The OEC is a not-for profit network of more than 100 group-members and several thousand citizen-members. Our mission is to secure clean air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home.

On Tuesday, OEC Deputy Director, Jack Shaner, testified on the land and water management divisions of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Department of Agriculture of the Governor’s proposal. My testimony this morning will concentrate on the regulatory operations of the ODNR, especially with respect to oversight of oil and gas and coal extraction, the Ohio EPA’s water quality certification provisions, and the budget proposals for the Public Utilities Commission and the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel.

Read the full testimony below.