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Testimony of Jack Shaner, Deputy Director, Ohio Environmental Council Regarding Oil and Gas Severance Tax Provisions of the Executive Budget

Ohio Environmental Council, March 3, 2015

House Bill 64 (As Introduced)

Presented to the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee ]

Chairman McClain, Vice-Chair Scherer, Ranking Member Cera, and Members of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee, thank you for this opportunity to present Interested Party testimony on the oil and gas severance tax provisions of the Governor’s Executive Budget, House Bill 64 (As Introduced).

My name is Jack Shaner, Deputy Director of the Ohio Environmental Council. The OEC is a not-for profit network of more than 100 group-members and several thousand citizen-members. Our mission is to secure clean air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home.

Here is a summary of our perspective and our recommendations for improvement to the Governor’s proposed oil and gas severance tax:

HB 64 _As Intro_ OEC testimony 3-3-15