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We must speak out and uphold our democratic ideals. 

Ohio Environmental Council, January 13, 2021

Our experience defending Ohio’s environment over the past five decades has taught us that a strong democracy is critical in ensuring long-term protections for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we enjoy. Securing a strong democracy is fundamental to our collective pursuit of strong, healthy communities. 

Last week, we witnessed a horrific attack on our country. A lawless mob of white nationalists violently overtook the Capitol to interrupt one of the most time-honored traditions of our electoral process: the peaceful transition of power. They acted with brazen entitlement, shielded by their privilege. 

In response, we must act now and speak with one, unified voice. We must hold accountable the individuals and leaders actively undermining the future the overwhelming majority of Americans voted for.

In one week, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be sworn into office, fulfilling the mandate given to them by the American people on Election Day. To move forward, we must reject white supremacy and its resulting violence. We must bring to justice those who instigated the attack on our democracy. If we are to continue our fight for air, water, and public lands—for the healthy climate we all deserve—we must also stand for a strong and equitable democracy. 

We stand at a watershed moment. As Ohioans and Americans, we must speak out and uphold our democratic ideals. 

Talk to your friends and your family, echoing the calls for accountability. Be in community with one another. And speak with your elected officials, asking them to take the necessary actions to pursue justice in response to the attack on our Capitol. 

Together, we must build a democracy where our leaders reflect the very best of us and create the environment we all deserve. We must make a country where liberty and justice are for all.

No exceptions.