From the Field

Our regional program is a critical part of our mission to secure healthy air, land, water, and democracy for all who call Ohio home. Our regional directors work with local governments, organizations, and individuals across the state to educate, collaborate, and take action for clean, renewable energy, protected public lands, safe and healthy water access, a robust democracy, and much more. Each member of the regional team takes a tailored approach based on the needs of their region. Learn more about our work in each region, below.

Cleveland Metro

Cleveland Metro Director Brian Siggers works with the Mayor’s administration and City Council to make major progress on the Cleveland Comprehensive Policy Platform. Amongst Cleveland’s top issues are environmental justice, air quality, high energy costs, and access to green space, particularly for young people. Brian also serves on the Greater Cleveland American Rescue Plan Act steering committee to help direct these funds toward the environmental issues most-impacting Clevelanders. You, too, can get involved by using the Cleveland Environmental Resident Engagement Toolkit to plug into work in Cleveland.

Northeast Ohio

The majority of Northeast Ohio Regional Director Christopher Colón’s work is based out of his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio and the Mahoning Valley. Over the last year, people from the region have identified areas of concern including stormwater issues, renewable energy development, fracking and earthquakes, brownfield cleanups, access to green spaces, and environmental justice. Chris is working with partners across the area to build collective power and make progress on these issues by developing future leaders and encouraging municipalities to commit to carbon and greenhouse gas reductions.

Southeast Ohio

The Appalachian Foothills of Southeastern Ohio are awash with wondrous landscapes and resilient, innovative people. The region fueled the growth of a nation, and it continues to heal from the harmful impacts of extractive industries. Home to Ohio’s only national forest, Southeast Ohio is positioned to become a nexus in the sequestration of carbon; a place stewarded for the recovery of old-growth forests, sustainable outdoor recreation, and a thriving, regenerative economy. Toward these ends, Southeast Ohio Regional Director Molly Jo Stanley, alongside hundreds of local businesses, governments, and community members, is working toward a Backcountry or similar designation within the Wayne National Forest. Molly Jo’s work is rooted in reversing systemic, generational poverty and exploitative practices.The restoration and protection of the Hocking River Valley Watershed; sustainable, equitable transportation; internet access; renewable energy; and regenerative agriculture are key issues in the effort to bring justice to this region.

Southwest Ohio

Southwest Ohio Regional Director Kylie Johnson works alongside partner organizations, government leaders, and community members to mitigate climate change and build a powerful and inclusive environmental movement in the region. Kylie works primarily in Greater Cincinnati, where she has grown deep roots and relationships in the community over the past decade. The city is actively working to address environmental justice today that resulted from the rivertown city’s legacy of industrialization and socioeconomic injustice. Some of the top issues include air & water quality, energy burden, access to green space, stormwater management, food security, and brownfield redevelopment. Kylie serves on steering committees for the 2023 Green Cincinnati Plan, the Greater Cincinnati Regional Climate Collaborative, and ORSANCO’s Watershed Organizations Advisory Committee (WOAC).

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