Our Values

The Ohio Environmental Council views climate change as a threat to the health and environment of all who call Ohio home and future generations, and works to mitigate the causes and impacts of a changing climate, including working to ensure our democratic institutions are set up to facilitate bold action.

The Ohio Environmental Council achieves environmental protection through developing and ensuring the implementation of forward-thinking, science-based solutions.

The Ohio Environmental Council is accurate, strategic, and persistent in its policy advocacy, communications, and litigation activities.

The Ohio Environmental Council brings diverse people together for a shared purpose, forges strategic partnerships to strengthen Ohio’s environmental movement, and honors community leadership.

The Ohio Environmental Council is a pragmatic, results-oriented leader that works in a bipartisan manner across the political spectrum.

The Ohio Environmental Council is transparent, principled and truthful in our policy stances, communications, and operations.

The Ohio Environmental Council works to understand and remedy both contemporaneous and historical environmental injustice caused by oppressive practices harming Ohioans and meaningfully supports our partners and the communities they represent.

The Ohio Environmental Council hires hard-working, top talent who are passionate about the environment, continuous learners, and cultivated through deliberate mentoring, training, and evaluation.

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