Our experience defending Ohio’s environment over the past five decades has taught us that the foundational principles of civic engagement – bipartisanship, constructive dialogue, and compromise – are critical in securing long-term protections for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we enjoy. 

We know that protecting Ohio’s environment includes protecting our democracy, and vice versa. 

Voting is a fundamental right, and the ballot should be accessible so all eligible Ohioans can participate. From the single parent working multiple jobs to the soldier serving overseas – every vote matters and every vote should be counted. Our team is protecting and expanding voter registration so all eligible Ohioans can easily register, update, and maintain their voter registration status; ensuring votes cast are counted by engaging in election protection efforts; and advocating to make voting in-person, early, and by mail easier and more accessible. 

Defending Ohio’s democracy also means establishing and protecting fair representation and fair maps for Ohio. We engage in the census process to ensure that every Ohioan is counted and our state receives the resources and representation we need to thrive. As an organization with a strong foundation of bipartisanship, we also advocate for fair legislative districts, to protect Ohioans’ votes from political gerrymandering. 

Together, we must ensure a free and fair democratic process.

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