Clean Energy


It’s time for Ohio to invest in our future and act on climate. Relying on fossil fuels to produce electricity – such as coal, oil, and natural gas – exposes our communities to dangerous pollution and directly fuels the climate crisis.

Renewable energy can become the standard in Ohio. 

Every day, the renewable energy sector, including wind and solar energy, is growing, bringing clean, affordable energy to more Ohioans. But while other midwestern states lead the charge on investing in renewable energy – and the high-paying careers it offers – Ohio remains behind. That’s why the OEC advocates for a just transition away from fossil fuels, and toward cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable sources of energy. We are proud to serve as a resource for leaders in communities across the Buckeye State.

The OEC’s renewable energy program focuses on mitigating climate change, equitably and sensibly transitioning the electric sector toward renewable energy, empowering customers to make sustainable choices, and improving the safeguards for water, land, air, and people living near oil and gas operations. The OEC advances smart energy policies by engaging the Ohio legislature, state agencies and regulators, and by pushing back on powerful special interests attempting to block Ohio’s path toward a clean energy future.

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