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2018 Annual Report

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At the OEC, we may be approaching our golden birthday, but we still learn something new every single day, and we use those important lessons to strengthen our case for the health and environment of all Ohioans.

A few years ago, we launched the first field office in Lorain and brought our Northeast Ohio Regional Director, Max Schaefer, on board. Max’s energy fueled the momentum to expand to Northwest Ohio, where we started building power in Toledo with Nick Mandros. From there, it spread across the Ohio River Valley to Southwest Ohio where we welcomed Sedrick Denson in Cincinnati (who just got elected to the Statehouse). And finally, this year, we hired Carol Davey and started growing our network in my home region in Appalachia.

The impressive growth and power of this program has been truly inspirational. It has brought in new voices we haven’t heard before — from local brewers in Toledo impacted by toxic algae, to teachers who are leveraging clean energy to help support the tax base for schools, to doctors looking to protect their patients, to concerned families who were forced to evacuate after a well pad explosion in Powhatan Point. This field program, along with the expert team here in Central Ohio, has given us a newfound understanding, passion, and determination to break down barriers that have divided us for too long.

As more and more people find their way to this movement, the OEC offers the resources and tools communities need to fight injustice in their own backyards. We work with unlikely allies and build long-lasting partnerships with folks who never before considered their impact on our natural resources.

Now, more than ever, we have the ability to bridge the divide between those who have been silenced on environmental issues, and I can’t wait to see where the 50th year of the OEC will take us.

None of this would be possible without the generous support from OEC members like you. The support we’ve received from membership has given us the opportunity to grow and speak up for those who have lost their voice.

Now, let’s reflect on this year’s many accomplishments and celebrate the new voices contributing to our common goal of protecting Ohio’s environment.


For a printed copy of this year’s report, contact us at or (614) 487-7506.