A Letter from Carol Kauffman the OEC’s New Executive Director

OEC Executive Director, Carol Kauffman giving a speech at the Green Gala 2023
OEC’s Executive Director, Carol Kauffman at the 2023 Green Gala

Dear Members and Supporters:

My name is Carol Kauffman and I’m delighted to introduce myself as the Ohio Environmental Council’s new Executive Director.

As a Buckeye, born and raised, I’m thrilled at the opportunity to lead this incredible organization and work with a world-class team of staff and partners in pursuit of clean air, safe water, vibrant public lands, and a strong democracy for all who call Ohio home.

I spent many weekends as a child exploring Ohio’s state parks with my family. My father, a plant scientist, would stop us on the trail to explain the importance of the tiniest spring wildflowers at our feet and the towering trees overhead. These walks in the woods taught me to value and appreciate our natural environment and not to take it for granted.

But I recognize that there are many Ohioans who do not have the same access to nature. And many more who question the health of the environment around them, from the air they breathe to the water they drink. We must all work together to ensure the gains we make are shared by all Ohioans.

I’m proud to work alongside my new OEC colleagues, our community partners, and tremendous supporters like you to do just that. And I’m excited to draw on my past work experiences to grow our collective impact.

I bring nearly two decades of nonprofit experience to this role — in Ohio and far beyond. I’ve also spent the past several years working on environmental sustainability issues and leading philanthropic efforts for Ohio-based businesses. From working with Cambodian communities to secure access to safe drinking water to leading a national network of environmental organizations, I understand the importance of working with diverse constituents and building strong relationships to make progress.

I look forward to partnering with you to make progress for our environment — to protect our precious natural resources like the Wayne National Forest and Darby Creek, to transition our state away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy, and to advance environmental justice and democracy in communities across Ohio.

Thank you for your continued support of the OEC.

Carol Kauffman
Executive Director