Another Example of a Sustainable Company Making a Difference

Max Schaefer, March 5, 2018

When you think of companies with a stake in a clean and healthy environment, what types of businesses would come to mind? Charter boats and kayak shops? Water sports? Or maybe bait and tackle shops?

But have you ever thought of craft breweries as advocates? Here in Ohio, we are lucky to have a number of these beer businesses who care about clean water and sustainability. The OEC has worked with a number of these breweries in the past and are continuing to forge new relationships. Beer is 95% water, so it’s important that these companies step up to ensure a quality product.

The inside of HiHo brewery

One of the newest relationships we have at the OEC is with Cuyahoga Falls craft brewery, HiHO Brewing Co. Retrofitting existing infrastructure and utilizing an old patio and fencing for its bar, HiHO started their brewery through upcycling and reusing weathered materials. Owners Ali and Jon Hovan realize their environmental and economic impact on the community of Cuyahoga Falls, and they believe running an environmentally friendly business goes hand in hand with success and quality. They are reminded of this impact everyday as HiHO literally sits on top of the riverbanks of the Cuyahoga River; a constant reminder of how important our natural resources are to the community and this brewery.

Some of the sustainable practices implemented by HiHO are fairly simple. From utilizing reusable plates, cutlery, and glassware to offering composting and recycling options to patrons and workers. Some are not so common. Using and “re-using” water. Taking spent grain from the brewery to a local farm to be used as feed for livestock. Sourcing brewing ingredients as well as food locally. These efforts not only benefit the local economy, but they also reduce shipping emissions.

We commend HiHO Brewing Co. for their efforts to create a quality craft beer while remaining stewards of their community and environment.