Our Staff

Molly Jo Stanley

Southeast Ohio Regional Director


As the Southeast Ohio Regional Director, Molly Jo Stanley serves to support, empower, and work toward local restoration of ecological and social justice, and unite and expand these efforts across the region and beyond.

Molly Jo is a lifetime student of ecology, ethnobotany, and environmental education; as a writer, a farmer, a wilderness trip leader, and a musician, she has always found meaning in rekindling connection, understanding, and reverence for our miraculous existence. Though she has been privileged to study, explore, and work in many wondrous ecosystems and communities, the remarkable lands, waters, and people of Appalachia Ohio never cease the grasp they hold on her heart.  Molly Jo enjoys spending as much time as possible running through the Forest, foraging for wild food and medicine, climbing trees, and searching for Salamanders in the Springtime rains.