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Earth​ ​Day​ ​Worksite​ ​Coordinator

Anna Siriano, January 10, 2018

Green Columbus hosts the largest Earth Day service event in the country. In 2018, we expect up to 150 worksites and thousands of volunteers to take part in our event. We have a website, where worksites and volunteers needing a worksite register. We also have contact information for all previous worksites. This role would coordinate the worksite portion of our Earth Day program, primarily maintaining direct contact with worksites and promoting the related events. Green Columbus does not have a central office; work performed will be on personal equipment.

Working Relationship: Independent contractor (1099) opportunity, beginning approximately January 15, 2018 and running through May 15, 2018. Work load significantly increases as worksite date nears. Total pay is $7,000 paid out over four installments ($1,750/month) beginning 30 days after start date. Communicates directly with Earth Day Committee Chair and Executive Director.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient computer entry skills; functional use of Microsoft Excel is necessary
  • Basic knowledge of Green Columbus’ Earth Day activities preferred but not required
  • Ability to work days, evenings and weekends as needed (increased flexibility needed in April)
  • Positively promote Green Columbus’ mission and programs
  • Maintain a positive attitude and professional public image at all times

Typical Tasks:

  • Provide weekly updates to Earth Day Committee Chair and Executive Director (Claus Eckert)
  • Attend Earth Day committee meetings as needed
  • Directly contact all past worksite hosts and invite them to plan another project for 2018. Separately invite them to the Celebration. Track responses (using Excel).
  • Contact prospective worksite hosts and invite them to participate. Track responses (Excel).
  • Maintain routine contact with worksites (email) sending updates and reminders up through April 27th
  • Maintain a list of supplies/materials worksites are unable to provide themselves
  • Maintain a current list of number/types of trees needed at worksites and provide numbers to Green Columbus’ tree coordinator (also ensure all tree planting sites register as worksites)
  • Monitor worksite traffic on the website
  • Help solicit community partner support (landscapers, home improvement stores, etc.)
  • Highlight 1-2 worksites each month (one paragraph description) for Earth Day committee to use in related media and additional volunteer solicitation
  • Advise worksite hosts on their supply needs that we can help meet (troubleshoot with committee)
  • Provide registration guidance to worksite hosts as needed
  • Ensure worksite hosts complete all required fields on website
  • Review worksite descriptions and edit as necessary for clarity
  • Recruit and manage volunteers to help with supply pick-up days, volunteer reward sorting, and other pre-worksite weekend tasks as needed
  • Correspond with worksite hosts to remind them of important deadlines, procedures, and provide them with templates for reaching out to respective volunteers
  • Coordinate worksite sign distribution at all worksites by (approximately) April 1. Committee will help distribute signs near where they live, work, etc.
  • Coordinate tools and equipment with Keep Columbus Beautiful
  • Coordinate and lead worksite supply pick-up day where worksite leaders receive t-shirts, volunteer incentives (Volunteer Rewarder – Green Columbus will compile these and get them to you) and any incidentals (e.g., bags for litter pick up, snacks, trees, water, etc.)
  • Follow-up with worksite hosts who do not fill in the Post-Event data by Monday, April 22. Complete follow-ups by Wednesday, April 24. (We need to know what was accomplished for grant reporting, media reports, and to announce at the celebration, etc.)