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Field Technician

Anna Siriano, February 6, 2018

Position Available: Field Technician (4-5 available positions)

Work Location: MBI is located in Hilliard, Ohio on the west side of Columbus. Projects include stream, river and wetland surveys in the Midwest and New England, and other states as necessary.

Project Description: Biological assessment of rivers, streams, and/or wetlands using standardized sampling methods; qualitative and quantitative habitat assessments; field measured parameters and water sample collection. Extended overnight travel (up to 30 consecutive days) is required, with all work-related travel costs, including lodging and meals, covered by MBI.

Position Description: Works as a member of a 3-4 person field crew that collects fish, macroinvertebrate, habitat, and/or wetland and water chemistry data in wadeable streams, boatable rivers, and/or wetlands. Responsible for the execution of specific sampling, data recording, and equipment operation and maintenance tasks under the direction of a qualified crew leader. Must be able to assist in the operation of wading and boat mounted electrofishing gear, collection of macroinvertebrate samples, other biological samples, and in-field or laboratory processing and sorting of samples. Crews often travel over extended periods including consecutive weekends. Position is seasonal, and employment at with MBI is “at will”.

Baseline Skills Required: Ability to perform supervised field sampling and maintain a variable work schedule including irregular hours and extended overnight travel including consecutive weekends. The ability to work effectively as part of a team on a day to day basis is a must. Experience working on or around water and with small watercraft is desirable.

Salary: $11.00 – $13.00/hr. depending on level of education completed, work experience, and overall qualifications.

Other Requirements: Valid driver’s license, good driving record, and proof of insurance.

Period of Employment: All or parts of mid-May through early November, 2018.

Application Process: Visit our website at , click on the About tab, and click on Employment from the dropdown options. With questions, contact Allison Boehler by email at or by phone at (614) 457-6000.