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Storytelling Intern

Ohio Environmental Council, February 1, 2021

Time Commitment: 20 – 25 hours per week (seasonal employment)

Start Date: May 31, 2021 for 10 weeks (flexible start and end date permitted) 

Location Columbus or Cleveland, Ohio

Supervisor Emily Bacha, VP of Public Affairs

Deadline: March 1, 2021 

Remote WFH permitted, in-office work preferred, pending COVID-19 circumstances.

The Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) seeks a Storytelling Intern to be part of our communications team for seasonal summer employment. In addition to regular work supporting the communications team, the storytelling intern will have the opportunity to create an extensive project focused on telling environmental justice stories from across Ohio.

This internship was created in honor of our late colleague, MJ Eckhouse. MJ was a tireless warrior, fighting for justice and equity in every space he entered to help people live a purposeful, supported life in healthy communities. MJ saw the important intersections of OEC’s work in addressing our world’s most pressing problems and he encouraged us to be bolder and braver in our advocacy for a healthier world. He frequently used his creativity to inspire hope and drive action through his gifted storytelling.


The main responsibility of the storytelling intern will include the execution of an Environmental Justice Storytelling Project: the storytelling intern will propose, develop, and create a creative storytelling project that shares stories from across Ohio connected with environmental justice. Working alongside the vice president of public affairs  and intern program managers, the storytelling intern will have the freedom to design the scale and style of the project. 

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Assist the communications team in drafting outward-facing documents, including opinion pieces, blog articles, and social media postings
  • Create a portfolio of photographs and videos of OEC’s work (as able)
  • Update reporter and influencer database (as able)


This internship is a paid seasonal position and will receive an hourly wage of $13 for 20 – 25 hours a week.


  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Able to work independently and on a team
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office or Google Suite
  • Shares the OEC’s commitment to increasing racial diversity in the environmental movement and our organization, integrating justice and equity into the work we do and ensuring an inclusive organizational culture
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills are highly desirable

About the OEC

The Ohio Environmental Council is the state’s most comprehensive, effective and respected environmental advocate for a healthier, more sustainable Ohio. Our experts work daily to restore, protect, and strengthen the quality of life for families and communities — from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the food we eat and natural resources we enjoy. Find out more at

The OEC is committed to inclusion and diversity. We seek to hire and uplift staff that reflects the diverse communities and perspectives that comprise Ohio. Qualified candidates of all backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

The OEC prohibits discrimination of employment, promotion, compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment on the basis of gender, disability, race, age, national origin, color, creed, sexual orientation, sex (including marital and parental status), gender identity and expression, religion, economic status, ethnic identity, veteran’s status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. 

How to Apply

Applicants must submit a resume and cover letter to with the subject of “Communications Internship Application.” This application will close on March 1, 2021, with final decisions made by April 1, 2021 following an interview process.