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Strategic Planning Consultant or Consulting Firm

Ohio Environmental Council, January 6, 2023

Request for Proposals

The Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) seeks a strategic planning consultant or consulting firm with a background in advocacy, environmental justice, political work, and/or other related fields. This consultant/consulting firm will support and facilitate the OEC’s efforts to assess the organization’s culture and operations; evaluate programs; and review and revise the organization’s strategic vision, values, goals and strategies for the next several years.

You can view the OEC’s 2019-2022 strategic plan here.

Strategic Planning Consultant/Consulting Firm

The consultant will work with the Strategic Planning committee and OEC leadership team to:

Phase 1: 

  • Assist the OEC and OEC Action Fund in evaluating our current programs (advocacy, operations, communications and advancement).
  • Conduct an organizational assessment for the OEC’s family of organizations (i.e. examining internal culture, external reputation, programs, and capacity)

Phase 2:

  • Support the OEC’s Strategic Planning committee in the completion of strategic planning goals and objectives for the next four years.
  • Support the OEC Action Fund board and staff in the completion of identified strategic planning goals and objectives for the next four years.
  • Support the OEC’s Strategic Planning committee and the OEC Action Fund board and staff in developing a process to receive internal and external stakeholder input

Submission Guidelines and Requirements

The proposal should focus on addressing the agency’s ability to provide the services outlined in the Scope of Work. The proposal should include some in-person components with the OEC team.

Proposals should contain the following:

  • Cover letter that provides a detailed description of the history, experience, and qualifications that you have to satisfy the items outlined in the scope of work. Please also include any experience with providing managing organizational change; Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) training, and/or facilitating difficult conversations across teams.
  • Resume
  • Portfolio or documentation of similar/relevant projects that you have undertaken including results achieved.
  • Detailed and comprehensive project costs, including an itemized budget for the services to be performed.
  • At least three references from relevant projects that you have completed.

The Ohio Environmental Council is committed to equitable treatment and opportunity in its relation with consultants and potential consultants. As such, we encourage proposal submissions from organizations and individuals who represent diverse communities. 

The total budget for this scope of work is $30,000-40,000, however, the work is intended to be completed in 2 phases and we invite proposals for Phase 1, 2, or both. Competitive bidding is encouraged.

All items should be submitted to this Google Form by 5pm on Friday, January 27. Please contact Marisa Twigg at and Melanie Houston at for questions.

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