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Dirty Energy to Cost Consumers $130 More – Time for Gov. Kasich to Lead

Trish Demeter, March 31, 2016

The Ohio Environmental Council issued the following statement today after the approval by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) of proposals by FirstEnergy and AEP that will increase customer electric bills by $100 – 130 a year in order to guarantee profits for outdated, dirty, and expensive power plants.

“We are outraged that these proposals have been approved. These decisions lock in at least eight more years of harmful, unnecessary pollution, and force Ohioans to pick up the tab for corporate welfare of the worst kind. Bottom line, this decision by the PUCO is unacceptable. When coupled with Ohio’s stalled clean energy standards, this pushes Ohio even further down the wrong path. Between the legislature putting Ohio’s clean energy progress on ice, and the PUCO’s decision to saddle customers with high costs and harmful air pollution, it’s clear that someone needs to be the adult in the room. There is a better way. Governor Kasich should act immediately to reinstate Ohio’s common sense clean energy standards and put Ohio back on track to be a clean energy leader.”

Trish Demeter, Managing Director, Energy, Ohio Environmental Council