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Environmental Hero: Steve Sedam

Cassie Kelly, June 21, 2019

This week, we highlight the OEC’s second Executive Director, Stephen Sedam, who succeeded Lynn Elfner. A graduate of Denison University, Steve led the OEC from 1977 through 1990. During this period, the OEC in partnership with many others was able to accomplish a great deal to conserve natural resources and safeguard the environment and public health including expansion of the Wayne National Forest, regulation of oil and gas production, remediation of leaking underground storage tanks, control of toxic waste pollution, protection of groundwater, management of solid waste, a greater focus on the restoration of the Great Lakes ecosystem and much more. During this period, the OEC had over 130 member organizations and hired its first Director of Development. Steve recognizes that the strength of the OEC then and now relies on its ability to work cooperatively with others without compromising its core values. We applaud Steve for his persistent, pragmatic, solution-oriented activism that has tremendously impacted our great state and for his leadership that laid the foundation for what the OEC is today.