Oil and Gas Brine on our Roads? Not so Fast

House Bill 393, also known as the Brine Bill, would allow for the commercial sale of treated brine from oil and gas operations to be used on roads and other surfaces for de-icing purposes.  

Unfortunately, many lawmakers at the statehouse have been convinced that this treated brine product is a safe alternative to rock salt. But, a June 2017 assessment conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources indicated high levels of radioactive material in 14 samples of treated brine from 6 locations in Ohio. All of these samples exceeded the federal drinking water standards for radium and were above state of Ohio limits for discharge into the environment.

Selling this hazardous product in hardware stores and broadening the use of it on our roadways could lead to damaging effects for people and wildlife. If this bill passes, people will be exposed to radioactive materials as they spread treated brine on their own sidewalks and driveways or as they travel, walk or run on local, state or national roads. There is also risk of this material seeping into groundwater resources and contaminating drinking water.

We cannot risk the potential threat of HB 393 to the environment and health of Ohioans simply to advance one company’s bottom line.    

Would you please join the OEC in calling on your lawmakers to to vote no on HB 393?