Press Release

Joint Statement from the Ohio Environmental Council and the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks

David Miller, November 8, 2018

Columbus, OH — Last night, in a record-breaking victory, the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks passed a levy that will support new parks, trails, and activities for Central Ohioans. The Ohio Environmental Council family of organizations campaigned hard for this levy and we’re proud to see overwhelming community support carry it to victory.

“The resounding victory of this park levy shows that Franklin County residents value the Metro Parks both as places to spend time enjoying nature with family, and as important wildlife habitats,” said Ricardo Granados, Public Lands Coordinator with the Ohio Environmental Council. “We are excited to explore new trails and parks throughout Franklin County, and look forward to seeing how Metro Parks continues to manage taxpayer trust effectively. Compared to other states, Ohio ranks near last in public lands per capita, and adding new capacity to our public lands in Central Ohio will help increase recreational opportunities for all Ohioans.”

“When the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District decided to take our request to the voters this year, our first call was to the Ohio Environmental Council. With their leadership and vision, we were able to craft a message and plan that resonated throughout Franklin County,” said Tim Moloney, Executive Director for the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks. “This powerful partnership drove the parks to victory, with over two thirds of Franklin County supporting their parks. The 312,000 votes we received were the most votes ever cast for a park issue in the history of the State of Ohio, and the OEC was there leading the way for us in getting the message out.”