Meet Dr. Jeff Reutter, our 2015 lifetime achievement award winner!

Ohio Environmental Council, October 27, 2015

We are thrilled to present Dr. Jeffrey M. Reutter with the 2015 Lifetime Acheivement Award!

In his 45-year career, Dr. Reutter has worked on Lake Erie to combat algal blooms, control invasive species, report climate change, and reduce chemical and phosphorous pollution. Reutter’s work helped Lake Erie recover in the 1990s, and he remains dedicated to ensuring a healthy, safe Lake Erie for all.

Before his well-deserved retirement in 2015, Dr. Reutter directed the Ohio Sea Grant College Program, including Stone Lab, the Center for Lake Erie Area Research (CLEAR), and the Great Lakes Aquatic Ecosystem Research Consortium at Ohio State University.

At Stone Lab, Dr. Reutter and others hosted and taught hundreds of schoolchildren, graduate students, scientists, hunters and anglers, journalists, elected officials, industry representatives, environmentalists, and other interested members of the public.

Dr. Reutter also created and maintained a science, technology, engineering, and math program for youth with more than $1.3 million in endowments for scholarships and research equipment.

On Saturday November 14, 2015, we will present Dr. Reutter with the Lifetime Acheivement award at the OEC’s Green Gala. We can’t think of anyone more deserving! Please join us at that Gala to celebrate Dr. Reutter’s enormous contributions to the health of our beloved Lake Erie.

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