Meet our 2016 Environmental Entrepreneur Awardee

Ohio Environmental Council, October 24, 2016

Barry Cik had just become a grandfather when he set out on a mission to find a non-toxic, waterproof crib mattress. He was determined to give his granddaughter a healthy start at life, and knew that most mattresses contain chemicals that can lead to all kinds of issues for infants and adults alike. He couldn’t find a single option to his standards, so he got to work to creating his own.

That’s what good entrepreneurs are made of, and Barry has incorporated the highest standards in sustainability and environmental health into the very DNA of his company, Naturepedic.

Through growing his business, Barry has educated consumers and sellers about the questionable materials and chemicals in most mattresses. He has also played an important role in pushing the US to update the Toxic Substances Control Act, which hasn’t been changed since the 1970s! Barry has testified before Congress on several occasions in favor of stronger protection.

Also, he recently coordinated a tour of the Naturepedic factory for US Senator Sherrod Brown, which helped facilitate a conversation with the Senator about the need to revamp the Toxic Substances Control Act so that it actually prevents the inappropriate uses of toxic chemicals in consumer products.

Thanks again, Barry, for all you do! We can’t think of anyone more deserving of our Environmental Entrepreneur Award. Help us celebrate Barry’s accomplishments by registering for the 2016 Green Gala today!