Meet our 2016 Public Servant Award Winner

Ohio Environmental Council, October 24, 2016

Although eyes are often watching our state and national capitols, some of the strongest, most innovative public servants work in our counties, cities, and villages.

This year’s Public Servant Award winner is a great example of public servants making a big difference at the local level. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NORSD) team have been fighting a legal battle for two years to implement their innovative solution to addressing damaging floods and erosion.

NORSD’s new program charges consumer fees based on their contribution to the regional stormwater crisis. Thanks to a recent ruling, the stormwater team is finally able to take action to protect Northeast Ohio communities from floods, erosion, and runoff pollution. NORSD will build water retention facilities, clear debris from culverts and streams, and incentivize stormwater diversion in households and businesses through the fee collection. This will not only help protect the health and environment of the Ohio region, but will keep residents in the greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area and its 61 suburban municipalities safe.

Additionally, NORSD launched a public education program to help residents lower their fees by cutting the amount of stormwater they contribute. With original taglines such as PUP, Pick Up Poop, and friendly cartoons like Wally Waterdrop, their educational efforts reach all ages, which will help create a legacy of effective wastewater and stormwater management. The organization also provides cost-saving programs for Ohioans who may need extra financial assistance to ensure access to safe water.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is working to make our community cleaner, one drop of water at a time. Thank you NORSD and congratulations on being the recipient of the Public Servant Award. To help us honor this worthy public servant, register for the 2016 Green Gala today!